How to save yourself from the “cuckservative” crowd

“I’m a white supremacist.I’m an anti-Semite.I don’t think that’s cool.I’ve said that on TV.And I’m sick and tired of it.”— White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, March 5, 2017, after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.| Source: Twitter The Republican National Committee is trying to use this week’s eventsRead More

Which state are you in?

When it comes to travel restrictions for Illinois residents, it’s all about travel restrictions and where you are located.The state has a few more travel restrictions in place for visitors than most, and some have become even stricter, according to Travel Industry Association of America.The IL Travel & Leisure Association has issued a guide toRead More

How to Buy a Traveler’s Visa for Argentina

Travelers from the Dominican Republic and Cuba can buy a travel visa for up to $1,000 for use as a visa in the U.S., but the government has stopped short of issuing the document, as many tourists had hoped.The government’s announcement was made during a meeting of the Commission of the Economy, the body thatRead More

How to travel safely with travel wipes

If you’re traveling with travel supplies, there’s no excuse to use the same wipes that you use to wipe your teeth.They’re all the same.But you may want to consider the wipes you buy and how they affect your travel habits.Here are some tips to consider before purchasing travel wipes.What are travel wipes?Travel wipes are disposableRead More

Why China is trying to control travel from the US

The Chinese government is trying, through new travel restrictions, to control the flow of travel between the US and Taiwan, a top US official told the Wall Street Journal.The move by the Trump administration follows a wave of travel bans imposed in recent months, including one by President Donald Trump in March and another byRead More