Trip to Bali: First time you’re in Bali? | Business Insider

Travel magazine Lonely Planet says Bali is a “must-see” and “must be seen”.

The Lonely Planet guidebook was released last month, with the full title, “Bali: The Most Beautiful Country in the World”.

It said the capital was “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

In the guidebook, Lonely Planet said: “It is one of the safest and most vibrant cities in Asia and one of Indonesia’s most beautiful.”

It added: “Binjungur is the world’s most visited island and one the most vibrant in Indonesia, and the Bali of the Southeast Asia.”

In terms of beauty, Bali has everything.

It is a beautiful city, a beautiful island, a place to live, and a place for a day trip.

“In the Lonely Planet Travel guide, Lonely Project executive editor James Stacey said: “[Bali] is home to some of the best and most iconic locations in Asia.

“There are temples, iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, and stunning architecture.

It is a place where everyone should feel at home.”

Bali has the world-famous Bali-Bali International Airport, which has long been the centre of the island’s tourism industry, with more than 500 flights taking off every day.

Bali Tourism and Entertainment Agency chief executive Yuki Nishioka said: [Bali’s] status as a city that attracts visitors is very important.

He added that Lonely Planet’s guidebook has been translated into the local language.

“We would like to thank Lonely Planet for helping us translate our guidebook into the Indonesian language,” he said.

“And we would like our readers to enjoy the world of Bali.”

In its announcement, Lonely said Bali was “home to some the world´s most iconic and iconic locations”.

“Bali is the largest city in the Philippines, home to the Bambang Pagoda, the Borneo National Park, the Pagoda Island, the Grand Pagoda of Borneoes, and one with some of Indonesia´s best beaches,” the Lonely World said.

It added that Bali also has a unique heritage of “cultural, religious, and social diversity, with an unparalleled sense of place and history”.

“The Bali tourism industry is also the leading source of foreign exchange and investment in the Southeast Asian region.” 

Lonely Planet added: Bali and Indonesia are the world leaders in their respective fields, with over 200,000 visitors annually.

The Lonely Trip to Indonesia guidebook includes details of the Banyan trees and Bali’s iconic Bali Bali Beach, the best hotels in the region, and Banyans and Bambangs of Bollywood films.

It also features a guide to the islands best beaches, the most scenic locations in Borneos national park, the biggest beaches in the Bight, and details of Banyang and Binkang Banyana.

Lonele Planet says there are more than 4 million visitors to Banyamans island each year.

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