Fares for lightweight travel trailer are soaring

Fares on a light-weight travel Trailer from Ikea are set to soar to nearly 200,000 euros ($223,000) for a standard trailer, a figure that is nearly double the annual price of a standard car in France.

The French government recently unveiled its plans to increase the amount of fuel and weight for light-duty vehicles to 35% from 25%, and the price of the trailer is expected to jump to 1,700 euros ($1,895) a tonne from the 1,000-euro price tag the government originally put on the car.

But the new trailer prices may not be quite as high as the government initially set them, as the average weight of a new light-truck is just 1,500 kilograms (2,100 pounds) compared with more than 4,000 kilograms (8,500 pounds) for standard cars.

The price of new light trucks in France is set to increase by 1,900 euros ($2,075) for each tonne (1,000 pounds) of weight increase compared to the current 1,600 euros ($3,045) per tonne.

The increase in the fuel and vehicle weight will not be enough to offset the price hike for the light-trailer in France, but it could make it more competitive in the world market.

The European Union has introduced fuel subsidies for light vehicles and is considering increasing fuel prices.

The fuel price for light trucks will increase by 10% to 30% from 1,800 euros ($1580) per litre to 2,400 euros ($4,160) per liter, while the fuel price of heavy trucks will rise by 5% to 40% from 5,000 euro ($7,100) per gallon to 7,800 euro ($9,200) per kilogram.

The EU is also considering lowering the fuel consumption requirements for light and heavy trucks.

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