Asia’s lysosol outbreak kills 13 in Philippines

LYOSOL, Philippines — In a rare public health event, a man in his 30s died in Manila from lysophosphamide poisoning while traveling from Taiwan to Singapore, authorities said Friday.

The man was hospitalized after he got sick at a hotel in the southern Philippines city of Taguig.

The man, who was not identified by his family, died Saturday, a local health official said.

In Taiwan, the man was visiting a family member in Singapore, where the family is from, and was staying with his mother, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the family had requested anonymity.

The family has not been identified.

The incident comes just days after another case of lysospirone poisoning that killed a 25-year-old Taiwanese man at a tourist resort in the city of Kaohsiung.

The Taiwanese man was taken to hospital for treatment, and the lyso-pharmaceutical company has recalled about 200,000 bottles of loxaprofen for consumption and sales.

Lysophylserine is the active ingredient in the popular loxacillin, which was introduced in Taiwan in 2013 and is used in the treatment of many common colds and respiratory infections.

The lysoprofen, which is also used for the treatment and prevention of several types of tuberculosis, can cause liver damage, heart problems, and kidney problems.