How to Avoid an Astra Travel Advisory in the Philippines

Travelers in the Philippine capital Manila can avoid an Asta Travel Advisory warning, a travel advisory issued by the Philippines Civil Aviation Authority (PCA).

The advisory was issued Friday, July 11, at 3:40 p.m.

The advisory is in response to a fire at the Astra Airports International (AAI) at San Miguel International Airport.

The fire burned for two hours before being extinguished.

PCA has been warning passengers to avoid travel in the vicinity of the AAI since the fire, saying it has not been ruled out.

The FAA issued a second Asta Transportation Advisory on July 14.

The Asta Aviation Advisory states that “it is advised to avoid the areas of the city of Manila and the island of Leyte” and urges all international travelers to stay at least 100 meters (yards) away from the airport and airport terminals.

Travelers can still use the airport for domestic and international travel.

AASA spokesman Edmundo Sanchez said that the FAA is issuing the Asta Advisory because the fire is believed to be linked to the fire at AAI, and there are other fire problems at the airport.

“There are no other issues at the AAIC,” Sanchez said.

The PCA also issued an advisory on July 11 for all travelers traveling to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

Traveler can contact the airline at (800) 955-4437 to request the Astavantage to be removed from their itinerary.

The airline also has another Asta Transport Advisory for travelers traveling from the United States to the Philippine Islands, according to Sanchez.

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