How to Avoid the Travel Advisory in Ohio

The travel advisory issued by Ohio’s Department of Transportation on Wednesday warned of the risk of hypothermia and hypothermic shock.

It advised travelers to remain in the vehicle during travel to avoid the potential of a hypothermically induced heart attack, stroke or respiratory arrest.

It also urged people to stay alert and aware of their surroundings.

The Ohio Department of Emergency Management said the advisory was issued at 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday, and the department has posted a summary on its website.

Ohio has experienced a number of cases of heat stroke, with the highest number reported this week.

In a press conference Wednesday, Ohio State University Health System Director Steve Johnson said that at least seven people have died in the state this week after experiencing heat stroke.

He said that the most recent death occurred on Tuesday, April 27, when a 65-year-old man died after suffering a cardiac arrest.

A second person died of heatstroke on Wednesday, April 30, while a third died on Wednesday night.

Johnson said the Ohio Department has not yet determined whether the other four people who died were in heatstroke.

He also said that six of the eight people who were in critical condition on Wednesday were transported to area hospitals by ambulance, which is standard protocol for these type of events.

Johnson says that although the Ohio Health System will continue to investigate the case, they have not yet concluded that a cause of death.

The advisory also said the following: If you are driving, avoid any activity that requires prolonged physical exertion or exertion that causes you to feel heatstroke or overheating.

This includes driving, walking, standing, standing up, sitting, sitting down, sitting on a bench, or sitting on hot asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Keep cool, but stay hydrated.

The travel advice from Ohio is a follow-up to a similar travel advisory that was issued in March by the Department of Public Safety.

In March, the Ohio department issued a similar warning about the risk from heatstroke and hypotension.

Travelers who experience heatstroke should take advantage of any medical emergency preparedness activities available to them, and seek medical care immediately.

If you experience a heat stroke or a hypotensive stroke, seek immediate medical attention.

The department also warned of a risk of dehydration from dehydration during hot weather, and that it was important to drink plenty of fluids and to stay hydrate while you are in hot weather.

Traveler’s Tips and Resources for the Healthiest Winter Travel in Ohio can be found at this link:

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