Trump, Putin ‘close’ on Iran nuclear deal

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone on Friday, as the United States and its allies ramped up pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear program.

In a telephone call that lasted just under 30 minutes, Trump and Putin discussed the nuclear deal reached last year between Iran and the P5+1 world powers, the International Atomic Energy Agency and Russia.

The deal, which President Donald J. Trump signed Friday, calls for Iran to curtail its nuclear activities in exchange for lifting international sanctions against it.

The White House and Pentagon have both said they are still pursuing an alternative to the agreement.

Trump told Putin on Friday that the United State and the United Kingdom would continue to pursue the deal with Iran if Tehran continues its defiance.

In their telephone call, the leaders discussed a number of issues, including the possibility of a military option against Iran, the Middle East peace process and the Iranian military threat to the U.S. homeland, the White House said.

Trump also expressed concern over Iran’s nuclear program, the Pentagon said.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog said Thursday that Iran had passed a milestone on the first step of its plutonium extraction process, and that Tehran had passed the next step of the process of producing the fissile material for the atomic bomb.

The U.K. also said Thursday the Iranian nuclear weapons program had been stopped.

The Obama administration’s goal in the talks was to ensure that Iran was on the path to developing a nuclear weapon, a U.A.E. statement said.

It said the agreement was not meant to limit the United Nations’ ability to monitor progress on Iran’s program.

The White House had said the U

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