What are Maui Travel Restrictions?

Travel restrictions in Maui can vary from state to state.

In the northern state of Hawaii, travelers are allowed only three days in Hawaii and one day outside of Hawaii on Maui.

In addition, people entering the state of Kauai must stay at least 30 minutes away from Kauai’s airport, where all travelers must be approved for entry.

People entering the island of Maui are also required to stay at the Kauai International Airport or have permission from their airline.

A new state law in Hawaii will set limits on travel between Hawaii and the state’s other islands.

If you are planning to visit the island chain, check with your airline or state officials first.

The law does not specifically say you have to go there, but it does mandate that anyone arriving in MauI should go through a state-mandated “Maui exit checkpoint” before entering the country.

Hawaii also requires travelers to undergo a physical examination before boarding their flight.

Hawaii has also been cracking down on the number of foreign tourists, with the new law requiring all non-U.S. citizens to submit a travel itinerary and to have a passport and other documentation.

Hawaii Governor David Ige also signed a bill last month requiring all foreign tourists to report their names and birth dates before they enter the state.

Travel restrictions for residents of the islands are similar.

You must follow strict safety guidelines for all people, including wearing masks and using eye protection when driving.

You are required to wear a face mask and face-covering clothing when walking, on the beach, and at public places, like beaches and parks.

You may not use a phone, GPS, or any other device that can send out a signal that someone is there.

If traveling in Hawaii, you must notify local law enforcement within 72 hours of arriving in the state or at least three hours before your scheduled departure.

Travelers who have a health issue must also report that to the Hawaii Health Department.

Traveling to other states with different travel restrictions will be announced by the state soon.

For more Hawaii travel information, visit Hawaii’s official website.

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