What to watch on Netflix this week: The new Disney film, The Fault in Our Stars

This is the latest installment in the popular Disney-Marvel crossover franchise.

We’ve seen some of the new movies since its debut at the end of 2016, and we’ve also seen some sequels in the past.

But there’s a lot to catch up on.

Here are some of our favorites, which we’re sure you’ve seen already.


The Fault In Our Stars (Disney) With its sweeping, sweeping visuals and emotional tone, The Dreamers is a pretty good example of how the movies of Disney-Disney crossover movies can work together.

The film is set in 2019, and it features a young actress named Hope (Emma Watson) as a young woman who is kidnapped by aliens.

Her captor, a humanoid creature named Terence (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), convinces Hope to travel to the distant planet Triton and find out how to use her powers.

When Hope arrives at the planet’s surface, she discovers that her powers are only temporary, and that the alien species have a plan to use the humans to spread the virus.

She eventually escapes, but she soon finds that she’s been infected with a virus that turns her into a cyborg.

The cyborg she is later transformed into is a version of Hope, who has been mutated into a super soldier called “The Fault in our Stars.”

The new film stars Emma Watson as Hope and Aaron Taylor-Jones as Terence, who is played by Tessa Thompson.

It is directed by Michael Haneke, and is a must-see for anyone who has seen it before.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 (Marvel) In the comics, Peter Quill (James Gunn) and his friends Rocket (voiced by Vin Diesel) and Groot (voicing by Bradley Cooper) are stranded on an alien planet, and Peter discovers that he has a gift that can save his friends from the plague that is infecting their planet.

Peter’s ability to control the Force makes him incredibly powerful, but he’s also getting the urge to destroy the planet.

As a result, he decides to destroy himself, but that decision is reversed when he discovers that his friends are actually in hiding.

The Guardians, an intergalactic team of super-powered heroes and villains, must stop this evil alien invasion before the planet is overrun with the plague.

It’s an interesting twist on a familiar story, but it’s a great one.

The sequel, Vol.

3, hits theaters on May 5.


The Martian (Amazon) A series of events that takes place during the events of The Martian, an HBO series, is played out as the Martian astronauts attempt to survive a Martian winter.

Their only source of heat is a frozen lake, and the astronauts have no way of keeping warm during the cold weather.

When they’re forced to leave their spacecraft, they encounter a strange creature called the “mammoth,” who appears to be an alien creature with a huge hammer head.

It tries to kill the astronauts and force them to return to Earth, and then, as the episode progresses, it gets closer to humans and attacks them.

It ends up attacking them again and again.

The series ends with a cliffhanger, but fans have already watched part of the first episode, and there is plenty more to see.

The cast includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Andy Serkis, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, Kelly Marie Tran, and Michelle Yeoh.


Interstellar (Starz) One of the most popular sci-fi series ever, Interstellar follows a group of people who are stranded in a strange galaxy after an asteroid slams into Earth, creating a “death star.”

The team must figure out what happened to their home planet, while exploring the galaxy, and figuring out who is on board the ship.

The new series, produced by Ridley Scott and written by Justin Lin, is set to premiere in 2019.

It stars Idris Elba as Lt.

Chrisjen Avasarala, and Maisie Williams as an AI named Grace.


Star Trek Beyond (CBS) For many, this movie’s popularity was its first and only film, and for fans of the franchise, the franchise has become such a huge part of their lives.

The show has seen several remakes, reboots, spinoffs, and spinoffs over the years.

The biggest of these has been Star Trek Into Darkness, a reboot of the classic series starring Matt Damon and directed by Justin Chang.

This reboot sees the original cast reunite with Damon, the movie’s stars return to the franchise for the first time since 2013, and they all star in their own films.

It was also released to theaters in 2018, and fans are now eager to see the new Star Trek film in the theaters, and so far, it looks like it

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