Nepal earthquake: What you need to know

Nepal has had a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 and an epicentre of K2.

The country’s Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency and is preparing for a large number of fatalities.

There are also fears of a return of a deadly pandemic.

The Nepalese government has issued travel warnings, while a number of cities and towns in the Kathmandu Valley have been placed under lockdown.

Here is everything you need in Nepal.

Read full storyIndia has warned of the “potential of an escalation of violence and death due to the escalation of civil unrest and terrorism in Nepal” as tensions have flared in recent days.

On Monday, a fire broke out in a hotel in Kathmanduan capital of Kathmandua, causing some 200,000 people to flee to nearby hotels.

An army unit has been deployed to deal with the blaze, while authorities have ordered the evacuation of thousands of people from Kathmandushan.

The government has also imposed a curfew in Kathma village in Kathali, where the army has been stationed for a few hours, but it has not been lifted.

The Nepalesian army says the situation in Kathmash and other parts of the country has been under control and there are no indications of any security breach.

But the authorities in Kathathmandu have expressed fears of an increase in violence and are preparing for large numbers of casualties.

The Nepal Army says its forces have deployed to the Kathma area, but the government says it is not in control.

The army has asked the Kathakai police to be deployed at all security checkpoints.

The military says it has sent troops to the capital to ensure security of the people.

The Government of Nepal has declared the state of national emergency in all areas except Kathmandur and Kathmandash in Kathang.

It is also ordering a curfew for three days and closing the main highways to the south of Kathmasha.

The National Disaster Management Authority says a total of 1,739 people have died in the earthquake and landslides in Nepal and neighbouring India.

More than 500 people have been injured and more than 30,000 homes have been destroyed.

India has also expressed concern about the “dangerous escalation of hostilities in Nepal”.

India’s Prime Minster Sushil Kumar Shinde said on Monday that India is watching the situation and is working to help Nepal to avoid further violence and instability.

The situation in India is tense, but we are trying our best to maintain calm and calm the situation.

We are also monitoring the situation very closely.

We want to see a calm situation in Nepal in the shortest possible time, he said.

The State Emergency Committee (SEC) has warned that a number or incidents of unrest, looting and arson in Kathlamandhu, the capital of the state, are “likely to occur again”.

It also called on the public to remain vigilant and refrain from causing damage to property.

India and Nepal share a border, and many of the two countries’ residents travel to Nepal on tourist visas.

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