What you need to know about the travel restrictions

Marriotts travel agents are advising customers that they will not be able to book a hotel room or travel packages to Dubai until further notice, due to a new state of emergency in the UAE.

Marriott travel agency spokesman Mark Lomax confirmed that the company will be limiting its services to people in the Dubai Metropolitan area, the UAE’s third-largest city, who are already experiencing the restrictions.

“We are not going to be able [to book] any of our business or business-related travel to the UAE until we can get more information on what the status is, what the restrictions are,” Mr Lomux said.

Mr Lomix said the decision to cancel travel was made after the government issued an emergency order to restrict travel across the UAE on the last day of the month.

“We were working with the UAE government on an emergency situation.

We had to do something, we were told to cancel the travel and we didn’t want to do that,” Mr Marriott said.”

The government has issued an order, it’s a new order and we’re working through it.”

That’s not something that we were expecting, and we were working very hard on it.

“Mr MarriotT said Marriott was still assessing the situation, but it was not able to confirm the reason behind the ban.

Marriott said it was also working with its partners in the Gulf and North Africa to ensure all customers travelling to the Middle East, Europe and Asia would be able travel, regardless of the current state of the emergency.”

If the UAE goes into an emergency then it will be the biggest challenge for Marriott, and for our partners in that region, to get our businesses and our guests out of the region,” Mr Lucian said.

Marriotts customers in the Middle Eastern and North African region will be able book flights, hotels and hotel rooms through the company’s online booking portal starting next week.

Mr Marriots travel agents said it would be difficult for people in Dubai to book their flights, and it was a risk to their safety to do so.”

This is a risk we have to take.

It’s a risk for our customers and it’s the biggest risk to the region.

We have to look at that and figure out a way to mitigate that risk,” Mr MacLain said.

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