Which countries will ban travelers from traveling to the Middle East?

Is the Middle Eastern state of Israel a country that will be banned from traveling? 

It depends on who you ask, according to a list that was released by the Israel Tourism Authority (ITA) on Wednesday.

According to the list, the majority of countries on the list will be restricted travel in the nation.

While the list does not specify a specific list of banned travel, it’s a clear indicator that Israel will be prohibited from traveling in the country.

“We have been very clear on the matter.

We will not permit travel to the country and the Israeli authorities are not allowed to restrict travel in Israel,” ITA spokeswoman Zvi Geller told Israel Radio. 

“We will provide our usual support to the government of Israel and will not interfere in its decision making process.

It will remain to be seen what the future of this decision will be.

There is no specific reason for this ban.”

However, while the ITA is not banning the travel of Israeli citizens or citizens of the Palestinian territories, the list did note that Israel is not part of the bloc of nations that includes the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

The list does also say that there is no restriction on Israeli tourists from visiting the country, which is why a lot of Western countries are reportedly considering banning their citizens from visiting Israel. 

There are some exceptions to the rule, however.

For instance, Israel is a member of the United Nations, so the list states that if you want to visit the country you will need to go through a formal process to do so.

Israel will not be the only country that suspends travel to Israel from outside of the US or Canada, either. 

While the list does list the most popular destinations of countries suspending travel, some of the countries on the blacklist are actually not that popular. 

The list lists Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates as countries that are suspended from traveling to Israel.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have already banned travel to Israel following the recent wave of unrest in the Arab world.

Iran has also announced plans to suspend all flights to the nation.

Iraq, Syria, and Libya also remained on the ban list, with Syria and Libya notifying their citizens that they will not travel to Israel. 

Israel has been criticized by many in the international community, particularly the United States, for its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups in the Middle East. 

But the ITAs ban does not appear to be the first time the country has suspendred travels to Israel, which may have been due to the pressure from the Trump administration. 

In December, Trump immediately banned travel from seven countries from entering the US: Egypt, Saudi Arabi, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iran. 

Trump later lifted the ban and issued an apology to the US and its allies.

In August, the ITSA announced that it has been suspusing travel to Israel from all countries except the US. 

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