What to do if you get stuck in Kentucky’s travel restrictions

Travel restrictions can be hard to understand, and that’s exactly what they are: complicated and often confusing.

It’s a lot to understand.

The Kentucky Department of Transportation has some guidance on the subject, but it’s not the most comprehensive guide.

Here’s a quick primer on the key points:Travel restrictions vary based on where you are, but here’s a look at the most common ones in Kentucky.1.

Travelers in Kentucky can only enter or exit the state from one of three points:Citizens of Tennessee and Kentucky, who can only board and land planes that depart from the Tennessee-Kentucky state line and then return to Kentucky.2.

Residents of Louisiana, who must obtain a special permission from the Louisiana Department of Tourism.3.

Residents in Wyoming, who are limited to one ride on a public transportation vehicle.4.

All residents of Alabama, who will be restricted to one trip on a private transportation vehicle or a one-way ride.5.

Residents from Idaho, Idaho, and Utah, who cannot travel between Idaho and Utah.6.

Residents who are not citizens of a state or territory of the United States and who are traveling in a foreign country.7.

Residents with a valid passport.8.

Residents that live in the U.S. Virgin Islands.9.

Residents living in California, New York, Maine, and Washington, D.C.10.

Residents traveling on Amtrak or Air Canada.11.

Residents residing in Hawaii, whose itineraries are limited.12.

Residents returning from a cruise.13.

Residents visiting friends and family in Hawaii.14.

Residents on vacation.15.

Residents coming from out of state, who may be required to travel to another state.16.

Residents not meeting the requirements of any of the above.17.

Residents using a driver’s license issued by another state or jurisdiction.18.

Residents holding a passport that was issued to them by another country.19.

Residents having a valid Social Security number.20.

Residents whose vehicle was last registered in another state but that they did not renew.21.

Residents currently in the military.22.

Residents seeking to renew their driver’s licenses.23.

Residents for whom the State of Kentucky has revoked their driver license.24.

Residents or prospective residents of Kentucky.25.

Residents attending college.26.

Residents planning to travel from Kentucky to another county or state.27.

Residents intending to work in Kentucky or visiting their family members in Kentucky while they are in the state.28.

Residents attempting to renew a passport or identification card issued by Kentucky.29.

Residents applying for a driver license from another state after the end of their license period.30.

Residents purchasing a second vehicle.31.

Residents interested in driving a motor vehicle in Kentucky, or interested in applying for an existing driver’s permit.32.

Residents eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, Medicaid for the Elderly, or TRICARE.33.

Residents aged 65 or older.34.

Residents staying with friends or family.35.

Residents, on a vacation, who reside in the home state of the driver or passenger.36.

Residents transporting children.37.

Residents transferring money from another country to Kentucky to pay for their trip.38.

Residents wishing to receive a passport from another nation.39.

Residents making a business trip.40.

Residents renting a home in Kentucky for less than 30 days.41.

Residents working in Kentucky during their holidays.42.

Residents moving to Kentucky for the first time.43.

Residents entering a military base.44.

Residents arriving from another part of the world.45.

Residents awaiting a divorce or divorce filing in Kentucky (if they were married to Kentucky residents).46.

Residents towing a trailer.47.

Residents taking children to school.48.

Residents preparing to leave Kentucky for a long period of time.49.

Residents at a college or university.50.

Residents caring for sick or injured family members.51.

Residents and their children traveling to a hospital, nursing home, or medical facility.52.

Residents needing a temporary or temporary resident card.53.

Residents wanting to purchase a new vehicle.54.

Residents driving a rental car.55.

Residents waiting for the return of their passport.56.

Residents looking to move to Kentucky from another county.57.

Residents buying a vehicle.58.

Residents without a valid driver’s or commercial driver’s licence.59.

Residents trying to apply for a new driver’s, commercial driver, or commercial motorcycle license.60.

Residents receiving a letter of approval from a law enforcement agency.61.

Residents renewing their licenses.62.

Residents registering for a commercial driver license and renewing a commercial motor vehicle permit.63.

Residents completing an online application.64.

Residents obtaining a driver training certificate or driving a motorcycle.65.

Residents requesting a Kentucky driver’s training certificate.66.

Residents changing their mailing address or mailing address.67.

Residents being released

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