What to expect from the state of pet travel across the US after the Supreme Court’s decision to allow dog travel in 2018

Dog travel restrictions have been lifted nationwide, with some cities seeing increased activity in pet shopping, dog shows, and even the creation of breed-specific pet clubs.

Here’s what to expect on your next trip.

article Travel ban in the works? 

It’s not too early to see some travel restrictions.

Dog travel has been temporarily suspended across the country after the justices decision to let states set their own rules for the importation of dogs into the country.

Here are some things to consider before you decide to travel. 

Some states are currently in the process of establishing their own breed-neutral travel restrictions for dog owners and their dogs.

Some states have also been considering allowing pets to be used in certain public venues, such as in public swimming pools and dog parks. 

In Texas, dogs can only be transported in “a carrier or a carrier-style device, not on a leash, with a harness.” 

This could potentially cause problems for some people, as many pets will need to be checked for rabies and other contagious diseases. 

“Some dog breeds, such in Labradors and Irish Setters, have higher levels of the canine leukemia virus than other breeds,” a Texas Department of Public Health statement reads.

“The Department is working with animal control and the Texas Department for Health to identify what measures could be taken to minimize the risk to dogs.” 

“Dog travel restrictions could include a ban on bringing a dog into a state that has a breed-based travel ban or a travel ban that covers a certain breed of dog,” the statement continues. 

The Supreme Court ruling could affect your dog travel plans in several states.

Some of the affected states are: Washington, DC Missouri North Dakota Georgia Alabama Tennessee Tennia New York Tennian New Jersey Illinois Kentucky Louisiana South Carolina Alabama. 

You can see a list of all the states that are currently restricting dog travel below.

A similar travel ban was also issued in North Dakota, and the state is currently working on a similar one.

“We have been working to find a compromise for the public health, animal welfare, and economic interests that are affected by the Supreme Courts decision,” North Dakota Gov.

Jack Dalrymple said in a statement.

“I am confident that North Dakota will be able to find the right balance that ensures the health and safety of our people and the pets that live in our state.” 

Dalrympled also noted that the ban will likely have a positive impact on people traveling in the state.

“If we had the same travel restrictions in North Carolina as we have in North Texas, we could see some positive economic activity that would not only help our state but also bring some much-needed jobs and economic opportunities to our state,” he said. 

There’s a chance that some states could allow pets to travel outside of the state restrictions. 

As of February 15, all states were set to be open for business, meaning dogs will be allowed to travel throughout the entire country, including in states with dog travel bans. 

Travel restrictions have also recently been imposed in Hawaii, California, and New York. 

Other states that have recently imposed restrictions on dog travel include Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

If you have any questions about your state’s dog travel restrictions, you can contact the state’s Department of Health at 1-800-939-2411.

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