How to use the ‘Clorox Travel Wipes’ in India

India will start taking delivery of a new batch of clorox wipes for domestic travel beginning in September, following a nationwide ban on the cosmetics after a deadly chemical attack last month.

The government on Wednesday signed a deal with China-based Clarion International to make 100,000 wipes per day.

The wipes are meant to prevent outbreaks of the highly contagious coronavirus, but there are fears the wipes could spread the virus to non-Muslims.

The Indian government on Thursday signed a contract with Clarion to make 300,000 clorozol remover wipes per month, the countrys first shipment of the wipes, a government official said.

India has banned the sale of all other cosmetics since March because of the coronaviruses pandemic.

India banned the export of the controversial Clarion products in March, saying the company had made unsafe chemicals used in the manufacture of some of its products.

It also banned the manufacture, sale and import of any other cosmetics.

India’s ban on cosmetics has triggered a trade dispute between the two countries and resulted in a temporary shutdown of some Indian firms in China.

India’s ban has caused a surge in international trade, with the Indian government banning Chinese goods from India in April and June.

The Chinese government said the new shipment would help ease the import restrictions and allow Clarion India to begin exporting products in September.

India has been the top exporter of cosmetics in Asia for the past several years.

Clorozone, a chemical used to make cloramine, has been linked to severe respiratory and neurological effects in India, including a rise in the number of coronaviral infections.

Clarion India said it had already delivered 50 million wipes since the start of the pandemic, mostly to India.

It said the wipes would help prevent outbreaks.

India is the world’s largest cosmetics exporter.

The country exported $2.65 billion in cosmetics products last year, according to the government.