Which countries will be affected by the Brexit?

The EU’s new trade pact, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), has been negotiated between the EU and Canada.

But the United Kingdom has been excluded from it because of its departure from the European Union.

And Canada has been the EU’s biggest trading partner.

But what happens when the U.K. leaves the EU?

The Brexit deal, which is supposed to be completed in December, is supposed be the cornerstone of a new trade deal between the U,K.

and the European bloc.

But as of Wednesday, the deal was only supposed to have been completed on the basis of a binding, negotiated agreement.

It is not clear how many EU countries will actually sign on to CETA, but some of the biggest issues are the issue of intellectual property, a deal that is largely being negotiated behind closed doors and has not been formally released.

Canada is currently the biggest trading and investment partner of the EU, but the Brexit deal is expected to help it trade more effectively with the U and get more access to the single market, as well as help boost its trade.

Canada has a population of just over 7 million, which makes it one of the largest single markets in the world, and it is one of two remaining members of the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes the U of A and other countries in the EU.

But Canada has also said it wants to keep a seat at the table for the negotiations, and the U could use that leverage.

The deal would make Canada a signatory to the Comprehensive Agreement on Trade in Services, or CATS.

CATS is the latest chapter in a long-running trade deal that began with the EU-Canada free trade agreement in 1993, and was negotiated under the auspices of the WTO.

Canada was also one of four signatories to the WTO, but that agreement was not completed until 2012.

CATS is supposed the framework for a new bilateral trade agreement between the two countries.

Under CATS, Canada would be a signatories, and would get access to all of the world’s markets.

What that means is that Canada would not be part of a customs union, or the EU would not have a customs jurisdiction, which would mean that Canada wouldn’t have a common set of rules.

Instead, Canada will be able to make deals with countries outside of the EEA, like Norway and Switzerland, as part of its trade deals.

This will mean that the Canadian government would be able access more of the U’s market and to take advantage of its own domestic markets.CETA is also supposed to allow Canada to buy U.S. agricultural products from other countries, and to sell U.s products to countries in other parts of the World.

This means that Canada’s agricultural exports would not need to be imported from the U to sell to the U economy.

However, CETA also is supposed have an agreement with other countries to help create a free trade zone in Northern Europe, which could also include the U from the rest of the region.

There are two major problems with the deal.

First, it is unclear how Canada will ensure it will be allowed to trade freely with the other 27 countries.

Second, it does not give the U much of a chance to control its own currency.

Canada will have to use its own bank reserves, which are limited to $US40 billion ($64 billion) a year.

If Canada were to use the U government’s currency, its exports would have to be converted to U. dollar, which in turn would require the government to take the U dollar out of circulation.

That means the U will have less control over its own economy, and will have a hard time controlling its currency.

In fact, U. S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Wednesday that the U may have to rely on the EU for currency for some time, as he is concerned that the European currency might not be “recoverable.”

The U. Kingdom has said it would welcome the chance to keep its place in CETA.

The country’s prime minister, Theresa May, has also promised that the United States will help its negotiating partners create a new deal for Canada to join in.

In other words, the U is hoping to be able make CETA work for Canada, but it is also hoping to use CETA as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the rest in the EAEA.

The European Commission, which has negotiated the agreement, said that CETA is expected have a positive impact on the U.’s economy, as it would allow it to increase its trade and investment with other member states.

“With the United kingdom excluded from CETA negotiations, it has the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping a new agreement that is open for all, which will help to strengthen the UK’s position as a global trading partner,” it said. “The UK’s

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