What are the problems of the Indian travel industry?

In the past three years, the international travel industry has experienced some significant issues.

The number of travelers leaving the country is on the rise and a number of countries are trying to cope with their growing populations.

The Indian economy is struggling with a slowing economy and a lack of infrastructure.

The country has also become a haven for migrants seeking work, with many moving back to their home countries after working abroad for a while.

Read full storyThe Indian government is trying to change that.

The Narendra Modi government has made it a priority to encourage international travel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country’s prime minister, has been touring the world and promoting tourism.

He’s even given a new name to the country: ‘India’ for tourism.

This is part of a larger agenda to expand the country to become a global hub.

India is not only a tourism destination, it is also a destination for other industries.

It has an extensive infrastructure that can accommodate both international and domestic travellers.

The world is watching India closely as it continues to experience the impacts of climate change.

The global economic crisis is expected to lead to an economic slowdown in India.