The latest travel restrictions in Iceland are coming to an end, Iceland Travel Agency says

Iceland Travel Association said on Tuesday it would end its travel restrictions on Monday.

The Icelandic government said that as of 5:00 a.m.

(11:00 p.m.) on Monday, Iceland will be allowing travelers to leave Iceland with the following restrictions:The travel agency said that while Iceland will continue to be open to travelers from Europe and North America, the country is not open to tourists from Africa and the Middle East.

The agency said in a statement that Iceland will remain open to visitors from those regions and to all visitors who intend to visit the country, but it will no longer allow travelers from the United States.

In addition, Iceland’s border with Sweden is closed to travelers and the government will no further allow non-residents to board ships that depart from Reykjavik.

Travelers will still be allowed to take advantage of the country’s generous tax credits.

The statement did not say what other changes the government is planning.