How to get around Maui during the Maui weather storm

Maui has been hit hard by a devastating weather event, with widespread power outages, widespread flooding and widespread damage to roads.

All this is now expected to continue as the region continues to recover.

Here are some key points about the weather.


What’s happening: The storm hit the northern end of the island in the last 24 hours, with heavy rain and flash flooding affecting parts of the central island.

The heaviest rainfall occurred overnight on Wednesday and Thursday, with more than 20 inches of rain recorded on the islands main roads.

The rain has been particularly heavy in the central islands main towns, where the rain has clogged streets and flooded homes.


What you need to know about the storm: Maui was hit by a very strong storm on Sunday night and the following morning, with wind gusts topping 80kmph (50mph).

Storm surge reached more than 7m in some areas, which caused some houses to buckle.

At one point, the town of Kaapuloa, just north of Maui, was in danger of flooding and the town was forced to evacuate.

All roads were closed to traffic, and roads and buildings were blocked off.

All emergency services are still on alert and people have been advised to stay indoors.


How to cope: People should stay indoors and avoid driving.

Heavy rain is expected to remain in place until Wednesday evening.

Travellers in Maui are advised to take extra care and wear heavy waterproof clothes, especially for the worst-affected areas.

The Maui island community is advised to keep pets under control.


What to do if you have to leave: The island’s main airports and most ferry terminals are closed, as are the roads, and public transport has been shut down for the time being.

The road network is also being affected, with the main roads in Kaapuoa and the towns of Pahoa and Kealua closed, while many bridges are closed.

Public transport has also been affected, and the ferry service has been suspended.

A number of road closures have also been announced, including in the main city of Kahala, where there is heavy traffic and a number of roads are closed for a number, including the Ahiue Highway, which leads to the island’s airport.


What will happen in the coming days?

The weather will be expected to settle in gradually over the next few days.

The strong storms of Sunday night will give way to milder conditions in the next week or so, with showers and a light thunderstorm developing in the days ahead.

However, heavy rain will persist and continue to be a concern throughout the Maukauna National Park, especially during the first week of the Mauitian New Year holiday.

On the islands north coast, there will also be some heavy rain in the weeks ahead, especially in the Kamehameha Highway and the northernmost islands of the southernmost islands, including Kealu, Kauai, Kauaʻi, Maui and Molokai.


How can you help?

Get out there now.

Get out and help get the communities back to normal.

Check local weather, road conditions and road conditions on the local and state websites.

If you are in the Mauiwai area and you need assistance getting to work, get to work early or go home early.

You can also call your local authorities and ask for a weather alert.


What else is happening in Mauitani?

There are a number areas where Maui is in the middle of a storm.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says that the most severe weather is expected in the northern and eastern half of the Kaua’i Islands.

The NWS says it will stay at this level until the storm passes, as it is difficult to forecast storm surge.

The main roads have been closed, so roads and other public transport are restricted.

The coast of Maua has also seen some heavy rainfall, including a peak of over 14 inches (42cm) in the town near Kilauea on Thursday night.

There are some areas of high risk in the Kauai Islands main towns where flooding is expected.

The Coast Guard says it is also taking extra precautions in the area of Kauai and Moloka’i.


Where to stay?

Maui’s tourism office has set up a helpline and website for people to contact and share information.

The Office of Hawaiian Tourism and Culture has also posted a map showing the locations of hotels and hostels.

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