What you need to know about travel restrictions in Massachusetts and Florida


residents can’t take advantage of state holiday weekend travel restrictions on the first weekend of March unless they have a valid passport or have an appointment to travel.

They can take advantage if they’re traveling in the same state as someone who does have a passport.

If you’re not sure what state or region you’re in, you can use this online travel map to find out.


drivers must be licensed, but you can get a temporary license for $50.

Those with medical or hunting licenses can get one for $10.

Mass., Florida and Georgia residents can use the weekend to celebrate the birth of a child.

Massachusetts and Georgia do not allow birth control coverage under Medicaid.

And Massachusetts residents cannot take advantage to save for college by taking advantage of the state’s $25 federal savings account.

Georgia residents with a valid Social Security card can still get the savings account, but only if they are employed.

Georgia also does not allow students to use the savings to cover tuition or fees for tuition and fees at schools in Georgia or to pay for room and board.

If a Massachusetts resident works in Georgia, she can take the savings out of her Social Security account for college tuition.

Georgia’s savings are limited to $1,000 per person per year, but students can use it for room, board, books, transportation and supplies.

In Georgia, you must show proof of your income for a state-issued ID.

If the ID is not issued, you may have to show proof that you can show proof to a Social Security agent.

You must also show proof you are a Massachusetts citizen.

If your Social Security number is not on file in Massachusetts, you’ll need to provide a copy of the ID every time you apply for a job.

Georgia does not require that you show proof if you’re using a credit card to make purchases.

For example, you might have to fill out a form showing you are using a check or money order from a state business or nonprofit that’s not part of the business you are working for.

If that business is located in Georgia and you don’t have one in Massachusetts but you work at a local nonprofit, you will have to bring a copy with you.

If Georgia and Massachusetts have different laws, check with your local offices of the U.S. Department of Labor to see which ones apply.

If it’s the first day of March, you won’t need to register your car in Georgia until the next day.

If, however, you register your vehicle on March 17, it will need to be registered by March 17.

If there’s a delay in registering the car, the state of Massachusetts will require you to provide the required proof by March 22, and the DMV will not be able to process the registration until March 22.

Georgia and Florida require that your driver’s license is in good standing, but that doesn’t apply to anyone in Massachusetts who is not a Massachusetts driver.

Georgia requires that your passport has been renewed.

Florida requires that it’s been expired for at least three years.

If an expired passport is in Massachusetts or in another state, you should get a replacement or a refund of the $25 or $10 you paid for the expired passport.

In the meantime, you’re on the hook to make up the difference.

If in Massachusetts you need a new passport for travel or business purposes, you have 30 days from the day you first receive your new passport to return it.

The refund period can be up to 180 days.

If this is the first time you’ve been denied a passport or you’re unsure if you’ve already received a new one, you could be in a tough spot.

Your employer could give you a second chance by issuing a new ticket for the same trip.

If Massachusetts’ DMV isn’t in your area, call your local branch office of the federal government to verify.

A travel ban is in effect in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, meaning all residents who are U.P.S., are barred from traveling to the three states.

This includes U.K. citizens, U.A.E. citizens and anyone with an international passport.

Travelers from these states must have an itinerary that includes flights to all three states within three days of landing.

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