Canada’s ‘Travel Ban’ Could ‘Cost’ More Than $1 Billion to Canadian Tourism, Report Says

Canada is considering a “travel ban” to stop tourists from coming to the country, but the plan has been condemned by Canada’s top travel agent.

Fox News has learned that Canadian travel agency CAA is “talking with” its European counterpart about a travel ban.

Canada’s travel ban has sparked widespread protests in the United States and Europe.

Canada is a key economic partner for the U.S., but its travel policies are considered too restrictive for the millions of tourists who visit Canada annually.

“It’s a little bit of a balancing act between keeping our own borders open, but also keeping the tourists who come here as well as the businesses that come here,” CAA chief operating officer Doug McLean told Fox News.

“What you can do is make sure that your policies are not overly restrictive.”

The company said that a ban would “not prevent us from working with other countries in the world that want to do business in Canada,” and that “we have a lot of partnerships with other governments.”

The travel ban would have to be approved by Parliament and approved by the Federal Court.

The ruling on the travel ban comes as tensions are rising between Washington and Beijing.

China’s Communist Party is facing an increasingly authoritarian government, including the arrest of two senior officials and the dismissal of one, as well the detention of at least 15 others.

The Communist Party’s top leadership is also in the process of banning political dissent.

Last week, China banned American comedian Kevin Spacey from the country.

The U.N. Security Council is also considering imposing sanctions on China.

The Trump administration, however, has made no specific comment on the potential ban.

The Canadian government has defended its ban on China, calling it necessary to protect the sovereignty of Canada.

“Our travel ban is a measure that has been used by the Canadian government to keep Canadians safe, as part of our international efforts to help ensure the safety of people from around the world,” McLean said.

“In addition to protecting the Canadian economy, we’re working with our international partners to work with them to address issues such as the refugee crisis, and terrorism in general.”

CAA has been a key player in promoting Canadian tourism to the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

The agency has been in discussions with a number of Canadian travel companies to promote Canadian travel, McLean added.

The company’s Canadian office is located in Toronto, and McLean noted that the company’s international staff includes more than 20 Canadian citizens.

“We’ve been in conversations with companies like CAA in the U

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