Which state are you in?

When it comes to travel restrictions for Illinois residents, it’s all about travel restrictions and where you are located.

The state has a few more travel restrictions in place for visitors than most, and some have become even stricter, according to Travel Industry Association of America.

The IL Travel & Leisure Association has issued a guide to Illinois travel restrictions.

It is a guide that has been updated several times to include some new and important information.

The most recent version is from January 1, 2018.

Here are some of the major points:No alcohol or tobacco sales at hotels.

Restrictions on food and beverage sales in bars and restaurants.

Restricting alcohol sales in all restaurant and taverns.

No smoking in bars.

Restriction on smoking in all restaurants and tavern bars.

Travel restrictions at airports: Restrictions on the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and small amounts of marijuana.

Restricted hours for dining establishments.

Restraints on alcohol sales at bars.

Restrictions at bars on food service.

Rest restrictions on food in bars, restaurants, and other places.

Rest on parking at all hotels.

No standing for hours of service.

No alcohol in hotels, bars, and restaurants during peak times.

Rest limits on the number of vehicles allowed in cars.

Restaurants, bars and other businesses that serve alcohol, including restaurants and bars, may be limited in number of patrons.

Restricting restrictions on parking.

Resting and standing times for public transportation.

Rest, standing, and loading zones are generally not in effect in restaurants and bar areas.

Rest Restrictions and Standing TimesIllinois has a lot of restrictions on restaurants and hotels, and the IL Travel and Leisure association says many are on the books as of January 1.

The IL Travel Industry Assoc.

says that restaurants, bars that serve alcoholic beverages, and all other businesses with alcohol must have an alcohol sales permit.

Rests on parking lots are generally prohibited, but the Illinois State Police does not have specific regulations.

In fact, it says in its website that it has “no specific policy regarding the type of permits that must be issued in the State of Illinois.”

Restriction on the use of video surveillance in bars in Illinois.

Rest of the StateRest of IllinoisRestrictive camping rules and other restrictions on camping at lakes and rivers.

Restraining orders on certain kinds of outdoor events.

Restoring the state flag to its original design.

Restoration of the state seal in state parks.

Restored the state bird to its former colors.

Restructuring the state highway system.

Restores the state park system.

The Illinois Department of Transportation says that the state is restoring the state’s highway system, which was shut down in 2015 because of an outbreak of coronavirus.

Restore the state flags to its old colors.

Retiring the flag in state flags, state flags on the Capitol lawn, and state flags displayed on state vehicles.

Restructure the state parks system.

The Illinois Department Of Transportation says the state will “rebuild the infrastructure to provide a more seamless, seamless experience for visitors, while continuing to enhance our state parks.”

Restoring roads and bridges.

Restorating roads and highways.

Restors the state capitol dome.

Restorers the state Capitol dome and the Illinois Capitol dome.

The state will be able to display its state flag in the upper deck of the Capitol, according a press release from the Illinois Department OF Transportation.

Restory of the Great Lakes Restoration Act.

Restrengthening the Great Lake Restoration Act to make it easier for Illinoisans to use the lake, rivers, lakeshores, and ponds that make up the Great Illinois Watershed, and to restore the Great River and other waterways.

Restrains on the carrying of firearms in bars or restaurants.

The list of states with more restrictions are not complete.

For example, New Jersey has a total of eight restrictions and three restrictions on carrying firearms.

Illinois has 14 restrictions and one restriction on carrying a firearm in bars at a restaurant.

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