Which state are you in?

When it comes to travel restrictions for Illinois residents, it’s all about travel restrictions and where you are located.The state has a few more travel restrictions in place for visitors than most, and some have become even stricter, according to Travel Industry Association of America.The IL Travel & Leisure Association has issued a guide toRead More

Why China is trying to control travel from the US

The Chinese government is trying, through new travel restrictions, to control the flow of travel between the US and Taiwan, a top US official told the Wall Street Journal.The move by the Trump administration follows a wave of travel bans imposed in recent months, including one by President Donald Trump in March and another byRead More

How to get around Maui during the Maui weather storm

Maui has been hit hard by a devastating weather event, with widespread power outages, widespread flooding and widespread damage to roads.All this is now expected to continue as the region continues to recover.Here are some key points about the weather.1.What’s happening: The storm hit the northern end of the island in the last 24 hours,Read More

How to buy a Hawaiian vacation van

Travel vans can be a very good deal.They are typically very easy to navigate, and offer a variety of different options, from rental cars to day-trips.The best part about vacation vans, however, is the ability to rent one for a short time.With a little work, you can make money while you’re out on your trip.AndRead More

How to buy and travel to the Bahamas

1.Buying the car.There are two types of cars in the Bahamas: one with a gas engine, and one without.Gas-powered cars in Bahamian motoring are very common, so it’s worth checking out how to buy one before you get on the road.The gas engine model costs $2,200, while a diesel engine will set you back $1,500.(TheRead More

Hawaii suspends covid-19 travel restrictions for all travelers

HAWAII — Hawaii officials on Thursday suspended the state’s curfew for all passengers flying from mainland China to Hawaii for a third day amid heightened fears of coronavirus spread.The move came as the nation’s largest airlines canceled flights from Beijing and Shanghai on Wednesday amid fears of new coronaviruses.Hawaii Gov.David Ige said the state willRead More

How to read the new Trump travel ban: aarp

The travel ban, the latest in a string of executive orders signed by President Donald Trump, has already resulted in a flurry of lawsuits filed by local officials across the country.The administration said it plans to seek to have the court dismiss the lawsuit and that it would allow those who are still in theRead More

How to be an effective traveler

Travel and travel advisory services like the Travel Cna will be adding a new way for you to share and collaborate on travel advice.The new Travel CNA, which will launch in late 2018, will give you the ability to review and share your travel tips, recommendations and travel experiences with others on a new platform.TheRead More