ANTIPATEDNEWS.COM.AU.NEWS ANTIEVEMENT: We have just learned from the Australian Government that Australia will pay for the travel restrictions of Australians staying in the UK, after it was revealed that the UK had temporarily banned Australians from traveling to Australia after the coronavirus outbreak.This is a huge blow to those affected, and it also means thatRead More

Kayak travel and other adventures in the wild

Kayak adventures are on the rise, with the popularity of kayak touring and the emergence of the kayak, especially in Australia, contributing to the growth of the sport.It is not unusual to hear a kayak paddler say that he has never paddled a boat before and he does not know what to expect, but heRead More

How to stay safe on a trip to South America

Traveling to South and Central America can be a bit of a headache, especially for those with short attention spans and limited vocabulary.Luckily, you don’t need to worry about getting lost.We’ve got a few suggestions for keeping yourself entertained and entertained while you’re in the region.We hope you enjoy our picks for some of theRead More

Asia’s lysosol outbreak kills 13 in Philippines

LYOSOL, Philippines — In a rare public health event, a man in his 30s died in Manila from lysophosphamide poisoning while traveling from Taiwan to Singapore, authorities said Friday.The man was hospitalized after he got sick at a hotel in the southern Philippines city of Taguig.The man, who was not identified by his family, diedRead More

Travellers checks on flights in India

Travelers checks on planes in India have been stepped up in response to the coronavirus pandemic.The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced a two-day travel advisory in three cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh to alert travellers about the coronovirus and prevent the spread of the virus.The DGCA has also asked airlinesRead More

Fares for lightweight travel trailer are soaring

Fares on a light-weight travel Trailer from Ikea are set to soar to nearly 200,000 euros ($223,000) for a standard trailer, a figure that is nearly double the annual price of a standard car in France.The French government recently unveiled its plans to increase the amount of fuel and weight for light-duty vehicles to 35%Read More

How to get around the world, from Colombia to Brazil

Travel restrictions in Colombia and Brazil are still in place for many tourists, with a slew of restrictions affecting air travel, rail travel and other essential transportation services.Colombia and Venezuela are still the countries most heavily affected by travel restrictions.The countries have been hit hard by a recent outbreak of the coronavirus that killed overRead More

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