How to avoid the UK travel restrictions

Travel restrictions are in place in several countries in the UK.Here are the key points: Australia Australia’s travel restrictions are expected to be in place for the next few days as a precaution, with the first two weeks of the week being busy for many travellers.It is expected to open on Monday, with all internationalRead More

How to avoid the travel ban

A Florida man who spent five days on the U.S. government’s list of “enemy combatants” in an effort to buy a house in Vermont has been ordered to pay back nearly $15,000 he got by booking a trip to Hawaii.Joshua Coggin, 20, spent five weeks at the Department of Defense’s Hawaii detention facility before heRead More

How Australia can get to the top of the world travel charts

In the latest edition of the ‘Top Ten’ travel lists, Australia was named the top destination in the world for the first time in 2018.Read moreRead lessAUSTRALIA’S TOP TEN FOREIGN DATES 2018 1.New Zealand 2.Hong Kong 3.Singapore 4.Taiwan 5.Malaysia 6.Vietnam 7.Canada 8.China 9.United Arab Emirates 10.Singapore (No.1)The top ten foreign destinations in 2018, based onRead More

How to get around Hawaii’s travel restrictions

Travellers are in the thick of the Interstate Travel Ban, but you can still take a break from the madness to explore some of Hawaii’s hidden gems.Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, lava flows, and tropical vegetation.The islands also have some of the highest per capita population densities of any state in the nation, andRead More

What you need to know about the travel restrictions

Marriotts travel agents are advising customers that they will not be able to book a hotel room or travel packages to Dubai until further notice, due to a new state of emergency in the UAE.Marriott travel agency spokesman Mark Lomax confirmed that the company will be limiting its services to people in the Dubai MetropolitanRead More

Nepal earthquake: What you need to know

Nepal has had a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 and an epicentre of K2.The country’s Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency and is preparing for a large number of fatalities.There are also fears of a return of a deadly pandemic.The Nepalese government has issued travel warnings, while a number of citiesRead More

When to Use Travel Channel’s Vacation Savings Program

Vacation savings is an option that comes with its own set of downsides, which are discussed below.When using Vacation Save, we like to be sure to take into account your personal travel history and goals before making a decision.In our experience, Vacation Saving can actually be a good way to reduce your travel expenses, butRead More

Watch: Cancun Travel Restrictions Exceeded in Many Cities

Travelers may have to endure the harshest restrictions in many cities as the season draws to a close.The New York Times reports that travelers will have to check in at hotels at least twice per day, limit their travel to five days per month, and travel on public transportation to and from work.While some travelRead More

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