How to travel safely with travel wipes

If you’re traveling with travel supplies, there’s no excuse to use the same wipes that you use to wipe your teeth.They’re all the same.But you may want to consider the wipes you buy and how they affect your travel habits.Here are some tips to consider before purchasing travel wipes.What are travel wipes?Travel wipes are disposableRead More

Why you should stay home this holiday season

Travelers are facing a potential travel ban for the holidays.According to a travel advisory issued Tuesday, some airlines have cancelled flights in the Northeast and have restricted travelers to airports in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.It’s unclear what those restrictions are.The New Jersey Travel Association issued a travel warning earlier this week that saidRead More

Which is better, a travel package or a trip to Spain?

Traveler Hook is a travel blog that has been providing readers with travel tips and inspiration for more than a decade.The blog has a well-documented reputation for breaking travel news, and the travel packages offered by travel package services often include both the latest travel trends and the most popular destinations.In fact, Traveler’s Trip toRead More

How to plan for your trip to the Midwest

You might have heard of the Southwest Travel Fund.That’s the $50 billion fund set up by President George W. Bush to help the Gulf Coast.The fund has been around since 2008, but now that it’s back to its usual, full-throttle approach, you can use it to buy cheap travel, buy cheap lodging and even buyRead More

How to use the ‘Clorox Travel Wipes’ in India

India will start taking delivery of a new batch of clorox wipes for domestic travel beginning in September, following a nationwide ban on the cosmetics after a deadly chemical attack last month.The government on Wednesday signed a deal with China-based Clarion International to make 100,000 wipes per day.The wipes are meant to prevent outbreaks ofRead More

What to expect as California’s travel restrictions kick in

SAN FRANCISCO — As California’s holiday travel restrictions go into effect on Jan. 1, travel options will remain limited, with most businesses limited to limited use of airport lounges and some airports restricted to certain modes of transportation.For those who have made the journey, there will be limited access to many California attractions, including museums,Read More