How to Buy a Traveler’s Visa for Argentina

Travelers from the Dominican Republic and Cuba can buy a travel visa for up to $1,000 for use as a visa in the U.S., but the government has stopped short of issuing the document, as many tourists had hoped.The government’s announcement was made during a meeting of the Commission of the Economy, the body thatRead More

How to buy and travel to the Bahamas

1.Buying the car.There are two types of cars in the Bahamas: one with a gas engine, and one without.Gas-powered cars in Bahamian motoring are very common, so it’s worth checking out how to buy one before you get on the road.The gas engine model costs $2,200, while a diesel engine will set you back $1,500.(TheRead More

What is a ‘Aig Travel Insurance’?

Aig Travel insurance is a term that means a travel insurance policy issued by Aig, the operator of international airline AIG.It’s usually issued in the form of a policy in the name of a parent company.The policy must be renewed annually, and the coverage can vary depending on the type of airline.Aig travel insurers areRead More

How to avoid a travel ban in Hawaii

A new travel ban has been announced in Hawaii, limiting the number of visas that can be issued and limiting travelers to only one place in the state.The state’s governor says the move is aimed at protecting the state from terrorism.The governor says it is designed to protect Hawaii from an international travel threat thatRead More

How to Travel Safely on International Travel (VIDEO)

Posted August 05, 2018 09:21:01 For most of us, the idea of being abroad is a scary thought.But the reality is that we’re not all going to be in the same places, and the best advice is to plan ahead.Whether you’re visiting a friend or family member in another country, or travelling for business, weRead More