How to travel safely with travel wipes

If you’re traveling with travel supplies, there’s no excuse to use the same wipes that you use to wipe your teeth.They’re all the same.But you may want to consider the wipes you buy and how they affect your travel habits.Here are some tips to consider before purchasing travel wipes.What are travel wipes?Travel wipes are disposableRead More

How to avoid traveling with a travel wipe

Clorox Travel Wipes are a good way to protect yourself from traveling with travel wipes.They help prevent travel wipes from getting into your mouth.You can also apply travel wipes to the edges of your lips to keep them from getting stuck on your tongue.But, they’re not recommended for travel.And you should also not use travelRead More

How to use the ‘Clorox Travel Wipes’ in India

India will start taking delivery of a new batch of clorox wipes for domestic travel beginning in September, following a nationwide ban on the cosmetics after a deadly chemical attack last month.The government on Wednesday signed a deal with China-based Clarion International to make 100,000 wipes per day.The wipes are meant to prevent outbreaks ofRead More