How to buy a Hawaiian vacation van

Travel vans can be a very good deal.They are typically very easy to navigate, and offer a variety of different options, from rental cars to day-trips.The best part about vacation vans, however, is the ability to rent one for a short time.With a little work, you can make money while you’re out on your trip.AndRead More

How to get a new job as an intern

A lot of jobs have long-term benefits, and for a lot of people, that means staying home with their kids, taking care of pets and watching television.But for a growing number of interns, their time with their families is all but gone.As the economy has recovered, the demand for those kinds of internships has increased,Read More

“Viruses have no immunity to COVID-19”

After the coronavirus pandemic ended, many people were looking for ways to protect themselves.While some people took to online social media to share personal and family health information, others worried about their health and the virus.There was even an app for that.It was called Viruses are Not Allowed to Fly.It’s now gone but it’s notRead More